How to associate a custom domain with your Google Sites

Main Steps:

  • Buy a DNS/Domain.
  • Create a Google Site (you should have one).
  • Register your Domain into Google Console (your account).
  • Connect your Google Site with your personalized domain.

In my case, I got from Amazon Web Services using the Route 53 Service.
In addition, I use Google Sites to create my static content.

1.- Buy your domain at AWS — Route 53

First, create your account and lookup for Networks and content.

AWS route 53

Select that option and start to lookup for your preferred domain:

Looking for domain

Then, once you bought your domain, go to the Route 53 panel and select your “allocated zones”:

Route 53 Panel

After select that option, you’ll see all your domains (in my case are the following):

Your domains

If you select in any of them, the defaults DNS will be:

2.- Register your domain at Google search console

This option can be configurated in two ways:

Second, once you already have your domain, you need to register it into the Google Search Console as yours here.

Add new property

When you select “Add ownership”, you should select the best for you:

Register ownsership

The main difference is related in the text, but in summary you can add as your ownership all the domain ( or just a subdomain (

After select any of them, you’ll need to add a DNS configuration to your domain provider, in this case is a TXT file:

Verifying ownsership

Then, go to your domain provider to add it (in my case is AWS Route 53) :

add a register
Adding TXT record to your domain

After this, you should wait between 5–30 minutes to get the verification.

Is the first step doesnt work, you can try adding CNAME record instead TXT record.
For this, you should go to Google Webmaster here.

adding a ownership

In this case, you can wisely choose between TXT Record or CNAME Record and lookup for your dns domain provider:

Registering a ownership

RED: You can select you DNS provider
YELLOW: CNAME for your domain and the content (as TXT record showed above)
GREEN: Option to change to TXT Record Verification

After this, you should wait between 5–30 minutes to get the verification.

3.- Connecting Google Sites to a Domain

Finally, you just need to add a final DNS register to your DNS/domain provider (in my case AWS Route 53), this gonna connect your Google sites domain with your DNS provider.

So, You will want to add the Google Site CNAME record with Host field WWW and Answer See the below image of the CNAME record with WWW:

connecting with google sites

In addition you can check for other options here.

Then, in your google sites go to config->Personalized Domains. Search for your registered domain and select it.

selecting personalized domain

After all this steps, you will finally have you google site connected with your personalized domain, like this one (my personal website).

I hope you enjoy this Post :D :D :D

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