How to associate a custom domain with your Google Sites

  • Buy a DNS/Domain.
  • Create a Google Site (you should have one).
  • Register your Domain into Google Console (your account).
  • Connect your Google Site with your personalized domain.

1.- Buy your domain at AWS — Route 53

AWS route 53
Looking for domain
Route 53 Panel
Your domains

2.- Register your domain at Google search console

a) TXT Record

Add new property
Register ownsership
Verifying ownsership
add a register
Adding TXT record to your domain

b) CNAME Record

adding a ownership
Registering a ownership

3.- Connecting Google Sites to a Domain

connecting with google sites
selecting personalized domain




Computer Scientist at(@UNIoficial) and Cat lover ❤. Visit

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Felipe A. Moreno

Felipe A. Moreno

Computer Scientist at(@UNIoficial) and Cat lover ❤. Visit

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