[Solve] ImportError: cannot import name ‘imresize’ from ‘scipy.misc’

Usually, when we install scipy package via conda, conda installs the last version of that package (currently is 1.5.3)

conda install scipy


The first one is using pip or conda selecting the specific version to install:

pip install scipy==1.1.0
conda install scipy==1.1.0

The second one is just replacing the function with PIL like the following:
You have this code to resize some image:

from scipy.misc import imreadimg_resized = imresize(img, (width, height)), interp='bicubic', mode='F')

To solve the problem presented, you just need to change the library and some code like:

from PIL import Image
import numpy as np
img_resized= np.array(Image.fromarray(obj=img, mode='F').resize(size=(width, height), resample=Image.BICUBIC)

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